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House, condo, office, daily, weekly, monthly service by a professional team.
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We have many maid services. To take care of cleanliness in your own house, condo, office

  • Service assured Quality maid You can trust us

    All housewives are trained And obtained certificates of records from every police office
    With insurance for damages in the amount of 100,000 baht

  • Cleaning contractors hourly, daily, weekly

    A variety of services such as washing dishes, washing carpets, sofas, curtains, home care With tools Modern reagents

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Maid service in Phuket


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Our service

Complete cleaning service
Let us help take care of your accommodation, condo, house, office.


Residential cleaning services

Sweep - mop the floor, wipe the interior glass, lay the mattress, clean the dust, take the trash away, wash the bathroom, wipe - mop the kitchen floor, etc.


Office maid

Cleaning for SME customers, hire maids as needed.


Hotel maid

Cleaning for customer groups, hotels, apartments, dormitories, job appraisals by job type and area. Contact us 24 hours a day.


Marble Render cleaning service

Sanding, cleaning, sand washing, marble floors, floor cleaning scrubbing the floor sand-washed varnish Apply wax to make it shiny. Only 100 baht per sq m. by a professional team.


Big Cleaning Package

We have a big cleaning service. Cleaning the place That have not been cleaned for more than 2 months or cleaned after construction


Marble polishing

Get a marble polish with a professional team. Complete with tools Guaranteed quality of polished marble surface, 250 baht per square meter. Experiment before making a decision. Happy to give advice


Sofa, Beds, Upholstery washing service and dust mites removal

Cleaning services for sofas, carpets, mattresses, disinfection, stain removal, dust mites removal, allergy causes


Wipe glass cleaning service

Provide glass cleaning service Building windows, building walls, building roofs, aluminum sheets With a team of experts and experienced Phuket


Ironing service

Ironing shirts, pants, skirts, dresses for ladies, etc.


The heart of our service is
Neatness and cleanliness

Let Phuket Maids take care of the cleanliness of your residence. We will do the best.

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Phuket Maids
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Book a maid with us We guarantee your satisfaction. There is insurance coverage. Have a support team Guaranteed 100% satisfaction. We are responsible for introducing a carefully selected housewife. For the user to use the service We do not have to worry about security at all, we provide daily, weekly or monthly services, both in houses, condos, residences, as well as offices. With ironing service Special addition If you want to use the service You can choose the date and time of the reservation via the website or call to inquire first at 0866826291.

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