Cleaning services for sofas, carpets, mattresses, disinfection, stain removal, dust mites removal, allergy causes with organic liquid with a professional team which in addition to eliminating dust mites We also clean stains on the mattress or sofa, such as menstrual stains, blood, and urine, which can occur unexpectedly

We use organic detergent to remove stains. and eliminate dust mites So you can be confident that your mattress, sofa and your loved ones Can sit and sleep safely, absolutely no chemicals.
In addition, the removal of such stains Some stains can be removed up to 100% and some stains may be removed 80-90% depending on many factors such as how long it lasts. stained material and what causes stains But customers can be confident that After using the service, it is noticeably better.

The starting price is only 1,500 baht!