Laundry service, quality work, do not mix laundry. There are both machine wash, hand wash and dry cleaning services using quality and certified detergents. Including the use of spot remover A solution that makes the fabric bright and not dull Provides laundry service and free delivery of clothes We will make your hassle go away. With a standardized service Maintaining your clothes to always look good We provide laundry, quilt cover, pillowcase, comforter, shirt, pants and more services.This service includes laundry, ironing and hanging, washing, ironing and folding.

We will take care of your clothes as best as possible.

Service scope


  • Receive ironing only for shirts, pants, skirts
  • Ironing on evening dresses, suits, silk sets, bedding sets, bed linen, duvet covers, blankets.
  • Ironing 1 dress for ladies = 2 pieces
  • Customers must provide iron and ironing boards to the service provider.
  • There is insurance against damage from ironing, not exceeding 1,000 baht per job.